A Visit to Hunt House

The RREC Museum, Seminar, and Conference Facility

in Paulerspury, England.

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HuntHouseFront.jpg (97941 bytes)

Arriving at Hunt House

HuntHouseCourt.jpg (90752 bytes)

Royce Crane in Court

HuntHouseCourtEntry.jpg (89258 bytes)

Court Entry

HuntHouseConference.jpg (89456 bytes)

Inside View of Garden

HuntHouseCoat.jpg (87189 bytes)

To Arms

HuntHouseGallery.jpg (82657 bytes)


HuntHouseEarlyCarsPic.jpg (68488 bytes)

Famous Boys Run

               The Spirit >

HuntHouseFL1.jpg (46236 bytes)

The following are displays at Hunt House:

HuntHouseMascots.jpg (90262 bytes) HuntHouseDemo.jpg (69466 bytes) HuntHouseWall.jpg (99244 bytes) HuntHouseAeros2.jpg (94324 bytes)
HuntHouseSilverGhostEngine.jpg (68450 bytes)

Silver Ghost Engine

HuntHouseMerlin.jpg (98297 bytes)

Merlin V12 Engine

HuntHouseRoyceDynamo2.jpg (86866 bytes)

Royce Dynamo

HuntHouseRoyceDynamo.jpg (89580 bytes)

Royce Dynamo

HuntHouseLibrary2.jpg (85917 bytes) This is the donated case and bound collection of "Autocar" magazines in the Hunt House Library.

                                            The following are pictures of the 20HP chassis (GEN51) in the technical seminars area and some of it's parts blueprints.  This car is just 15 numbers newer than your WebMaster's car!:

HuntHouseGEN51Engine.jpg (74533 bytes) HuntHouseGEN51Engine3.jpg (91990 bytes) HuntHouseGEN51Tranny.jpg (98706 bytes) HuntHouseGEN51Servo.jpg (83787 bytes)
HuntHouseGEN51Battery1.jpg (72561 bytes) HuntHouseGEN51Filler.jpg (100073 bytes) HuntHouseBluePrint.jpg (88301 bytes) HuntHouseBluePrint1.jpg (53125 bytes)
HuntHouseBluePrint2.jpg (63528 bytes) HuntHouseBluePrint4.jpg (91044 bytes) HuntHouseBluePrint5.jpg (68819 bytes) HuntHouseBluePrint6.jpg (80560 bytes)


The following are various records, starting with the entry when WebMaster's car (GEN36) rolled off the line:

GenRecord2.jpg (87177 bytes) HuntHouseFiles.jpg (42566 bytes) HuntHouseRecordTrays2.jpg (94480 bytes) HuntHouseRacksNStacks.jpg (90913 bytes)

HuntHouseRecordTrays.jpg (56106 bytes) Peter Baines (RREC Gen. Secretary, Research, and Mgmt. Committee) says that most of the records in the Hunt House were rescued from the basement of Conduit Street when it closed out..... what a treasure!


The following are seen in the Sir Henry Royce room:

HuntHouseRoyceRoom.jpg (59799 bytes) HuntHouseRoyceItems.jpg (77335 bytes)

Display of Sir Henry's awards and personal items.

HuntHouseRoyceBoard.jpg (43413 bytes)

His drafting table and last sketches.

Needless to say, it was an experience of a lifetime to see all of this (and more) at Hunt House.  The professionalism and dedication shows.