Early Post War Valve Train Tech Meet

May 25, 2002 - Menlo Park

Steve Szabo Presiding Technically

Host - Ivan Gallo  (click on any picture to enlarge it)

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Ivan's 1951 Bentley Mk VI Radford was the subject car for investigating valve seals, guides, and Rocker components.   The primary goal was to inspect and change the valve stem seals and plan any further work required if parts or machine work were necessary Ivan explaining the fine details of the engine bay to Leroy Chauffe before the chalk talk.
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Chalk talk with Steve Szabo conducting. (l to r seated) John Carey, Michael Brown, Stefan Szabo. Valve Retaining Tool

This tool is critical to this job in order to keep the valve from falling into the cylinder if one is not removing the head.


(l to r in the sun) Tim Haddad, Steve Szabo, Michael Brown. (l to r at the table) Richard Murray, Stefan Szabo, John Carey, Brent Heath.

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Moving into the engine work after lunch, Steve prepares to remove valve springs and seal caps from #1. Steve demonstrates the careful placement of the retaining tool thru the spark plug hole and under the  valve being worked on. The supplies and parts on display as the job progressed. 1) old valve seal "rope" 2) old rope almost serviceable. 3) new old stock type replacement rope. 4) new Teflon "rope" fashioned by forming around the valve stem (6) and compressed between an old valve guide (5) and the valve seal cap (7)

Other PMC Attending   (click on any picture to enlarge it)

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Stefan Szabo's 1953 Bentley R Type 4 dr sports saloon Richard Murray's 1949 Silver Wraith Mulliner touring lemo Leroy Chauffe's 1963 Silver Cloud III Brent Heath's 1985 Corniche Mulliner Park Ward dhc