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P1000005e.JPG (58140 bytes) As of May 2005, "Gen" was in shape to show as chassis only at Hillsborough (Right().  The work done to this point made her eligible for a significant NCRROC award.... The most improved car in the club award for 2005 (Left). I particularly enjoyed showing the chassis for folks to see the "pure" RR part of the car. 011.JPG (169948 bytes)
PC120001e.JPG (68925 bytes) The 2009 show season started with Hillsborough, but I choose not to bring "Gen" out in time for judging due to rain.  The 2009 Shrines' Concours was the first time the car was judged (Right) and I couldn't have been happier with the day (despite 102 degree temps).  At left is the trophy plate for first in class. Gen received 98 points for this RR sanctioned meet. Pc160006.JPG (119434 bytes)
P1010009e.JPG (52858 bytes) The Shrines' Concours has an award for the car that the Late Bruce Grant would have chosen as his favorite club affiliated car (Left)  Bruce was an auto columnist for the Sacramento Bee and I appreciate that the Shrines' Judges selected "Gen" for it.  In addition, "Gen" received the Peoples Choice Award. (Right) P1010013e.JPG (45224 bytes)
P1010006e.JPG (133654 bytes) The 2009 Santa Cruz, CA Woodies on the Wharf  event (Right) is not a Concours nor is it judged, but it is a fun show. The commemorative coaster (Left) is a nice reminder of the day. There were two RR Shooting Brakes in attendance... the other was from Southern Calif. Video clips were taken of Gen for the Comcast Sports Net during the day. PC160008e.JPG (77796 bytes)
P1010024e.JPG (70576 bytes) The 2009 Palo Alto Concours (Right) had a great turnout.  "Gen" was placed in the pre-war European open and closed car class. The third place in class (Left) was much deserved next to many other fine cars. One took "most elegant" for the day and another had been "best in show" a previous year. Gen received highest points in RR sanctioned judging at 99 points. PC160007e.JPG (123440 bytes)
p1010019e.jpg (79010 bytes) The first San Francisco Presidio Concours (Right - 2009) was a great show in a great venue.  The sun popped thru and shone on a truly fine selection of cars.  Again, Gen took third (Left) in a class of open and closed cars. The first in class car also took best of show. PC160009e.JPG (97859 bytes)
P1010023e.JPG (81519 bytes) For the 2009, Ironstone Concours judging (Right), did not include objective scrutiny or require mechanical proof of operation.  Rather, judges came to a consensus after a walk thru of the classes. While Gen took top points in RR sanctioned judging at 100 points, she took second (Left) with honorable mention.  First in class went to a fine RR dual cowl phaeton Phantom touring drop head. PC160010e.JPG (132148 bytes)
P4120002e.JPG (38158 bytes) Hayes Mansion Show Sept. 2009

As a late entry (I was unsure of the weather), Gen was placed on the circular driveway of the Hayes mansion for this venue's first annual car show. (Right).  Gen received first place in People's Choice (Left) which was rewarded with a two night stay at the Mansion. Gen was also selected by KKUP sponsor station as the "listeners Choice" (Below) 

06webRR.jpg (85589 bytes)
Gen was also selected to return to the Mansion for a professional photo shoot by famed photographer Ron Kimball. You may see Ron's work at: 


P1010027e.JPG (74001 bytes) Mike Hennessey, a local Auto Promoter did a Video Shoot of Gen for a local TV Channel (26) during the day as part of the event coverage.
PC140012e.JPG (82823 bytes) Dec 13, 2009

Gen and I were honored twice at the annual NCRROC Awards Dinner. Highest Proper Motor Car (PMC) scoring for a RR or Bentley for 2009 (Right) and Best Personal Restoration (Left). These trophies will be with us for a year and then exchanged next year for an individual plaque with the plates installed for keeps.

PC140004e.JPG (102259 bytes)
Marin1.jpg (188103 bytes) May 16, 2010

Marin Concours, Woodies Class.

Gen (left) gets First in Class of eight cars including Packard, Cadillac, Plymouth, Ford, Mercury, Chrysler.

Trophy (right)

Marin2.jpg (63202 bytes)
Shriners1.jpg (79850 bytes) Sept. 19, 2010

Shriners Concours Capitol Mall, Sacramento, Calif.

Gen takes Second in Class

Shriners2.jpg (49540 bytes)
Seranno1.jpg (70963 bytes) Oct. 3rd, 2010

Niello at Serrano Concours

(Left) Presentation of the Honorary Judges Award.  (Right) Second in Class Award.

Seranno2.jpg (88506 bytes)
IMG_1757e.jpg (119793 bytes) May 15, 2011

Marin Concours, PreWar RR class (featured)

OK, so it rained a little (see the Lady Flying wet.. left), Gen collected third in class (right) in a field of Ghosts, Phantoms, WO. Bentley, and a 20/25.

IMG_1791e.jpg (71121 bytes)
IMG_1855e.jpg (191121 bytes) July 26, 2011


Palo Alto Concours Pre War European -

Open and Closed Car Class K

Gen placed second to the magnificent Yellow Rolls Royce owned by Neil Kirkham

IMG_1856e.jpg (184108 bytes)
Award2e.jpg (86699 bytes) Aug. 18 2011

Judging and awards for the RROC National Meet (Tahoe) took place with the wonderful forest backdrop. At right is the 2nd in class award Gen received.

IMG_2443e.jpg (90008 bytes)
IMG_2294e.jpg (103508 bytes) Oct. 2, 2011 - Neillo Concours at Serrano

Mr. Cord, Grandson of the founder of Cord, Auburn, Duesenburg presented Gen and I the Grand Marshall's Award.  We were in the class next to the Best in Show winner- an Auburn Speedster.

IMG_2448e.jpg (69765 bytes)
IMG_2400e.jpg (95317 bytes) Oct. 30, 2011 Santa Barbara Concours


Gen got 2nd in the Woodies Class

IMG_2450e.jpg (57424 bytes)
Dec. 2011

Gen was honored at the annual NCRROC Awards Dinner for the. Highest Proper Motor Car (PMC) scoring for a RR or Bentley in Judged events for 2011.  The permanent engraving (right) shows the same win for 2009 and will have the 2011 entry added.  At left is the keep at home award.


PC140004e.JPG (102259 bytes)
May 2012

Marin Concours Pre War Open and Closed Class. Second in Class


June 2012

Shriners Capitol Concours

First in Rolls-Royce, Bentley Class

June 2012

Palo Alto Concours

First in Rolls-Royce, Bentley Class

Aug. 2012

Hillsborough Concours

Second in Rolls-Royce, Bentley Class

Oct. 2012

Niello at Serrano Concours

Best of Pre War Open and Closed Class

Oct. 2012

1st Annual British Fall Classic

Morgan Hill, Ca. First in Class

I was also pleased they used Gen for the 1st Tee Shirt that was used to publicize the inclusion of all British cars, not just roadsters.

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