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051.jpg (87314 bytes)
The 1926 donor car that
had been reported as 
sitting out for over 30 yrs.
It truly showed the wear
as a result.  It was a 
gold mine of parts to
this needy restorer.
054.JPG (80524 bytes)
The Bakelite cover is off
in this view of the battery
box being wired.


052.JPG (96703 bytes)
The top of the old 
battery box (upside
down).  Accurate 
dimensions were the
great value of this
part as well as all the
trinkets that were on it.


055.JPG (118341 bytes)
The brass tag fitted to
the top of the battery 
box cover.


053.jpg (62711 bytes)
The new box top and
bottom just after the 
dovetails were done 
and fit. Next was a lot
of cutting, routing, 
sanding, and drilling to
make everything as
it fit on the old box.


056.JPG (101831 bytes)
Offside view of the 
battery box in the
chassis frame.


057.JPG (102901 bytes)
The fittings that came
off the box top have 
left their mark for all
to see in the future.
All of these old parts are
 being saved in case
someone needs these
measurements again.



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