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013.jpg (82629 bytes)
At this point, this shows
about 75 years of crud.
The differential had
already been rough
cleaned. (see bottom


016.JPG (68116 bytes)
The frame after rough
cleaning and on a rotary
stand for removal of the
remaining parts.


014.JPG (93180 bytes)
The brake equalizers
and the handbrake
levers as found crudy.


017.JPG (103999 bytes)
The brake equalizers and
frame after paint and the
re-assembly is started.


015.jpg (104975 bytes)
A fair amount of yuck
was coming off the
differential and frame.


018.JPG (97618 bytes)
The brake equalizers are a
sort of differential that 
assure that brake cables
receive the same pull
force when the servo
actuates them.


019.JPG (45819 bytes)
Factory numbers were
found hand painted 
on top of the frame
rail paint.
It's exciting to clean off
crud to find factory
markings from the 
1929 era. This indicates
a complete restoration
was never done before.
022.JPG (116974 bytes)
This rig allowed force to 
be applied to bend the  
frame to reset camber 
of the wheels.
The axels angled down 
too much and jacking 
under each side 
allowed correction
upward to correct it.


020.JPG (118583 bytes)
The frame has been
stripped, sand blasted,
and primer painted with 
 the help of the rotery
stand.  The stand was 
made from two engine
stands custom adapted 
to the RR chassis frame.


023.JPG (64708 bytes)
The use of a power press 
aided the removal of the
 front axels from the  
spindles. Cleaning,  
lubrication, and painting  
was done next.


021.JPG (109560 bytes)
The petrol tank had 
a complete boil out and
processing for leaks and
imperfections prior to
It also has a stand to 
help with sanding and


024.JPG (77953 bytes)
The frame after painting 
and partial assembly.


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