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This page documents most of the major aspects of the restoration  of "Gen", my 1929 Rolls-Royce 20 H.P. with Shooting Brake coach.

The earliest pictures of the "before" condition are from 1977 when I purchased the car.  I joined RROC and the Northern California club at that time.  I am now a life member of RROC.

The research and collecting of parts for this restoration have led me to travel to RROC Headquarters in PA., the RREC
Headquarters in the UK, as well as to IVA, South Carolina, and Copperas Cove, Texas.

My shop has increased in capability by the acquisition of a lathe, mill, Mig and Tig welders, a plasma cutter, industrial sewing machine, and various wood working tools (to name a few), all just because of this restoration.

I have done all of the work personally except for the cylinder bore of the engine, the drive line balance, and the seat upholstery.

Major disassembly began in 2001 with the removal of the coachwork.  I spent time equivalent to a full time job from 
then until 2008 when it was functionally complete.
The chassis was shown at the Hillsborough Concourse in May 2005 and at the Palo Alto Concourse that year.  May 
2005 marked the change from chassis restoration to coach restoration.
The Hillsborough Concourse of 2009 will be the grand 1st presentation of "Gen" at which time she will have turned
80 years old.   1929 - 2009!

Click on any Picture for Enlargement

001.jpg (64970 bytes)
    My first close look in
1977 from atop stacks
of cardboard on pallets.
    Antique furniture also
made access difficult.
    I had to see more of this
car and knew that it
would require research.
    I knew a Rolls-Royce
was something special
and the wood had my


004.jpg (73474 bytes)
A sunroof was obvious…
the fold out windscreen
was not.


002.jpg (112452 bytes)
This is what the car was
like in the light of day
with a good dust-off.
Naturally, a wash was
out of the question due 
to the wood and lack
of any weather strips.


005.jpg (101054 bytes)
The car was rough and
missing parts and had 
crude wings and running
I had to look thru a lot of
003.JPG (69999 bytes)
    I scanned the above
picture into a PC and
then made a B/W copy
    Note that the wings
have been reshaped
so as to be correct for
1929 style.  This effort
was done so shape and color
could be visualized
prior to committing to
work on the coach.
    Toning was done by 
hand with watercolor.


006.JPG (126251 bytes)
The results as of Nov.


007.jpg (99513 bytes)
    This photo is of a 1929
chassis at the Roll-Royce
factory being Dyno
tested. This was prior to
a test track session to
be sure it ran well.
    Then the chassis was 
driven to the coachworks
using the wooden seat.
    The customer worked 
with the coachbuilder
of choice for the body
and features desired.


010.JPG (70484 bytes)
    The chassis was ready 
to take to Hillsborough
Concourse May 1, 2005.
With the wooden seat,
this was like the chassis
left assembly at RR.
    With a display car,
I was honored to be 
choosen for the Parade
of Excelence and be 
interviewed at the 
008.JPG (119960 bytes)
    A 2008 picture as I was
beginning my final
test drives


011.JPG (169948 bytes)
On the field, the chassis
only display afforded all
to see just what a RR is
like when not hidden by 
Everyone enjoyed this
revealing display.


009.JPG (75172 bytes)
Another 2008 view.
012.JPG (90827 bytes)
Brand Spanking new.

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