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067.jpg (35290 bytes)
I was lucky to have all
six wheels come with
the car. Rusted spokes 
and rims were treated,
The tires were all kinds
and mostly truck types.
All were discarded.
070.JPG (85109 bytes)
Wheel with the period
Dunlop thread tyre


068.jpg (84905 bytes)
A hand dismounting
fixture/tool was used to
work on tire removal
shown here.  Special
adaptors were needed 
to fit the Dunlop spoke
wheels.  This is the old 
school way.  Done right,
it does not damage the 
wheel or tires.
071.JPG (72897 bytes)
A wheel and tyre on
the car.


069.JPG (72415 bytes)
These wheels are in the
primer stage or just 
done with the final
finish.  One at a time, 
they were taken down
and put on a hub so
they could be spun to
allow the paint to be 
applied slowly from
many angles to get 
coverage without runs.
The spinning hub was 
an extra that had 
bearings so as to spin
when affixed to a stand.
072 .JPG (70274 bytes)
One of two spare tyres
in the side mount well.


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