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006.JPG (126251 bytes) The Restoration of GEN36, a 1929 RR 20H.P. HeadTubes2c.JPG (79820 bytes) Swage Copper Tubes
1907ShootingBrake.jpg (29476 bytes) Shooting Brake History and Pictures Boddice.jpg (61870 bytes)  Click Here

For the restoration progreess on the 1933 20/25 DHC (GGA27) owned by Stephe Boddice


FullDamper3.JPG (813256 bytes)  Rolls-Royce & Torsional Vibrations... John Croft's Damper Drive Document Books16a.jpg (38723 bytes) 1924 Edition of 20HP Parts Book
picture1.jpg (88994 bytes) Additional Valve Seal Information...Contributed by Bill Vatter Books16b.jpg (44921 bytes) 1928 Supplement to the 1924 20 HP Parts Book
Brased.JPG (38908 bytes) Drive Line Balancing 034.JPG (58577 bytes) Small H.P. TIMING CHARTS AND INFO
BritTools3.jpg (92062 bytes)  Some Restoration Tools   Small H.P. Flying Lady Articles
51Ropen1.JPG (85085 bytes)  Early Post War valve seal restoration. UniSyn.jpg (18778 bytes) Dual Carburetor Synchronization...Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and Bentley S 1
Pic2.JPG (53424 bytes)  Vibration Damper Removal V90.jpg (264219 bytes)  

  A Technical Paper based on the RR V8.

Chasing a Noise  

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